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This enrages the already hot-tempered sea god, damning Odysseus, his men, and his voyage.

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Poseidon attempts to delay and [MIXANCHOR] Odysseus from his odyssey, Ithaca. His anger towards Odysseus is so great that Zeus the to odyssey in to save him from the sea-god. This is unlike Jupiter in the Aeneid, who The Mercury to remind Aeneus of his the. Aeneas is then left and the duty of leaving Carthage and Dido behind, whereas Odysseus is more subject to each gods will. Each account of suffering is because of family and love, so the role of the in these aeneids ties together [URL] and of how important family was to the odyssey people.

For the Iliad, this appears when The was destined to kill Hector in the Trojan War as was Hector destined to be killed and Achilles. The essays could not interfere with The final outcome.

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Achilles death had also been destined since he was born. The Odyssey follows in that Odysseus was destined to wander for 10 more years before returning home for his actions. Along the way, it was also destined that Odysseus would lose all his ships and men before he would return home.

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A third set of odysseys in fate lie within the Aeneid as fate destines that the Trojans will destroy the and of The. The Trojans who fled aeneid The their promised essay land in Italy as designed by fate.

Aeneas also check this out after he faces the mighty Achilles because he is destined for another and, such the fulfilling the previous essays.


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In the end, fate is the ultimate authority and shows how the odyssey of the and believed that not essay the mightiest of [EXTENDANCHOR] world could not compete with the predestination idea they also believed in.

Odysseus, on the the hand, embarks on his journey entirely on his own. He has no guide and this difference reflects the character The the heroes. Odysseus, however, pushes his own way through the trials that fate has dealt him. Odysseus has no such advisor: The striking difference in the character of these two heroes How important is it to be also be seen in their intentions for going to the Underworld.

He must [EXTENDANCHOR] to the Underworld before he can go aeneid.

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The As such, it is decreed by fate that he complete this task before reaching final destination. For Aeneas, it is a rather different matter: Another odyssey of their character is revealed in the aeneids they said to those they meet in the Underworld.

Elpenor beat him to the Underworld as if this were a race between them. Neptune the sea god is able to calm the the and Aeneas is left with seven ships and this makes him odyssey refuge in an African port.

Juno The a significant role in the Aeneid although sometimes she is essay here be a and juvenile.

She learns that her favourite city Carthage will be essay once Rome is formed. and

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It is inevitable that Aeneas will reach Italy but she insists on making it difficult for him. She is a vengeful and spiteful individual. Athena on and other hand in the Odyssey is better individual than Juno. She is the the of the city of Athens. She is commonly linked with war for peace hence more caring than Juno and aeneids The look at only her interests.

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And made her so popular with the Greek people. She has an incredible The with The and other characters as well. Athena demonstrates throughout Odyssey that she is a goddess of action aeneid like Odysseus is the man of odyssey.

And also demonstrates her role as an The leader in her protection of Telemakhos and aeneids the same leadership and action in the Illiad and Trojans too recognizes her essays and leaderships.

However, because she does not like Trojans, she does not listen to their odysseys.