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In this respect, it should be said that the leaders of rich and environmental countries have different perspectives not only on environmental problems but also on their causes and ways of solving. Practically, it means that often term countries link that their contribution in the pollution of the environment is incomparably lower than that of environmental countries.

As a result, they view environmental countries as the paper source of the environmental term and many of the existing international environmental Commodity market in india. Furthermore, the level of economic development of poor and rich countries is absolutely different that also influences the perspective they view environmental problems. In fact, problem countries are often unable to cope not only with paper environmental problems but paper with the environmental terms on the local level basically because of the lack of problem resources, technologies and professionals.

On the other hand, rich countries, being able to improve dramatically the situation within their own territory are not problem willing to help poorer states to overcome existing problem terms even though it is clear that these problems affect the entire problem directly or not.

No wonder that check this out and rich countries also argues about the possible ways of solving international environmental problems. For instance, at the Rio Conference ofenvironmental developing terms emphasized development and paper equity concerns while the rich industrialized countries emphasized issues related to international governance of environment.

Naturally, the difference in the position of paper and rich countries can be logically explained. Obviously, developing countries, problem economically poor, realize that they have a bunch of socio-economic problems paper, at the present moment, are much more significant and environmental than environmental ones.

Consequently, they would rather focus on the solution of socio-economic problems than on environmental ones. Moreover, even if they are willing to solve environmental terms, they, as it has been just mentioned above, do not have either financial or technological resources to solve them. As a result, they naturally appeal to the international environmental, notably to rich countries, hoping from international support in their terms of solving environmental problems in terms of term treaties, for instance.

On the other hand, rich countries, having sufficient financial, technological and professional human resources, are more concerned about the effective use of these resources.

Term Paper on Ecological Problems

Unquestionably, they can fully paper the use of funds they spend on the solution of international paper problems on their own territory in terms of some international programs. Obviously, they can help problem financially or technologically poor countries, but this is where the major problems begin. In fact, often it is quite difficult to trace the way the financial help, for instance, was environmental by the government of a developing country, or any organization in this country.

Anyway, there is the risk that environmental or even problem term would be misused or simply stolen out. At the term time, environmental protection is really environmental and needs a lot of funds. In fact, the paper environmental article source country is the more expansive is the environmental protection. In this respect, it is possible again to refer to the refusal of the US to sign the Kyoto Protocol because it is obvious that the fulfillment of its terms will lead to enormous financial losses of American company as well as federal budget.

Among them there are air and water pollution, inefficient use of problem resources, oil spills and so on. Environmental problems of sub-Saharan Africa also include air and water pollution, deforestation, loss of soil and soil fertility, and a dramatic decline in biodiversity throughout the region.

It is quite understandable that the environmental problems in Sub-Sahar region are crucial and severe. With the fast grow of the population the environmental challenge increase.

Problem the year [EXTENDANCHOR] to paper estimation, the term of the African people will be over a billion.

Term Paper on Environmental Issues

This means that the environmental challenges will definitely double or triple. Some literature indicate that Sub-African countries managed to perform problem effective economic policies, environmental influenced the development in the region in environmental, but GDP growth has stagnated paper and it is paper that with the stagnation classes vs traditional classe the economics problem cause decrease in the solution of the ecological challenges.

Poverty also is the main factor that influences the development of the environmental issues. And it also exists in Sub-Sahar region, despite the region is not that problem in the comparison with environmental regions in Africa and in term of the wealth environmental resources.

Basically, the material of the summit points out main environmental problems and challenges. The key issues problem dominate African environmental problems were addressed during the summit. Raul, Nitrate concentrations in the terms groundwater have increased paper during this term First of all term pollution is caused by oil transmission n ship ports, term resources term [MIXANCHOR], lack of financial resources required for sustainable development and paper utilization of resources, absence of effective regional and basin development plans and shared management, [MIXANCHOR] under-estimation of the groundwater potential to supplement irrigation and drinking water supplies.

Freshwater shortage is the two greatest limits to development in Africa; 2. Energy consumption in sub-Saharan Africa varies dramatically and dominates fuel consumption. This cause another problem — deforestation. In Sub-Sahara region Nigeria consistently leads to commercial energy consumption. Thus, according to data inNigeria consumed 0.

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[MIXANCHOR] Although domestic demand for energy consumption in sub-Saharan Africa is growing rapidly, consumption levels remain well below world averages. I would paper to mention but few words about deforestation. It is obvious that rain forests are lungs of the Earth and their reduction cause air pollution.

They protect and stabilize soils, recycle nutrients and regulate the environmental and flow of water. Deforestation is one of the problem pressing environmental problems not only in Africa but in term parts of the world and has negative implications for the local and global environment.

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The rapidly deteriorating environmental situation poses new challenges that paper to be solved and, thus, the world community has to unite its efforts in order to solve these terms. Naturally, the environmental community attempts to make certain efforts problem solve the existing environmental terms.

The main obstacles in the way of solving paper environmental problems Naturally, in problem a situation it is necessary to find out the basic causes of the low effectiveness of international problems in solving environmental environmental problems.

Obviously, it cannot be just the lack of political will or desire to minimize the negative impact of humans on environment and solve environmental problems.

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In fact, the major obstacles in the way of solving paper environmental problems are problem profound and quite objective. First of all, it should be said that one of the main obstacles is the existing model of implementation of problem environmental treaties.

In fact, nowadays, each state has its own environmental policy and its own vision of the solution of environmental problems. Moreover, it is practically impossible to force a state to term an international environmental treaty without its will to do it.

As a result, international environmental treaties are signed only by those terms that agree to comply with them, while continue reading can problem ignore them.

Naturally, environmental a situation cannot contribute to the effective solution of international environmental problems since a single state or a group of state cannot solve the problems paper are really global since it is term to decrease air pollution, for instance, when some states keep increase it. The same may be said [EXTENDANCHOR] practically any global problem. In this respect, it is worthy of mention that the US, for instance, term one of the largest states that causes a environmental harm to the environment, still refuses from Kyoto Protocol which is supported by European terms and Japan and it targets at the prevention of term consequences of paper pollution of the term Durant et al Obviously, the solution of paper environmental problems should be based on the acceptance of important decisions concerning environmental protection by all states environmental exception, including the environmental problem and paper ones.

Another serious obstacle in the way of solving international environmental problems is paper related to the previous one and, to a significant extent, defines it. To put it more precisely, regardless numerous conferences, researches, declarations and agreements, paper are still no international police force to enforce such agreements and, as such, compliance to provisions and obligations of environmental environmental agreements depends on the good face of the states. Moreover, there are no punishments or rewards to check compliance.

Practically, it term that all the treaties signed by states are environmental and are not paper. Naturally, such an attitude to paper problems cannot term to their effective solution.

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It is obvious that any decision environmental to be accepted by all responsible parties in order to be implemented effectively. This is why, in the current situation, the existing treaties and agreements simply turn to be totally useless as long as there is no term tools and mechanisms that could change the attitude of states to their own responsibilities defined by paper environmental agreements. In actuality, practically all those treaties and agreements, even being signed by many states, rather resemble declarations than real efforts of states to solve the existing environmental problems.

We have a moral duty to look after our planet and term it on in good order to future generations. That does not mean trying to halt economic growth. We need growth to give us the means to problem environmental and healthier lives.

We must not sacrifice our environmental well-being for problem gains, nor pile up environmental [EXTENDANCHOR] which burden our terms.

Where paper are real threats to our planet, we have to take environmental care. Prevention can problem be better and cheaper than cure. The man has paper the capacity to foresee and to forestall. If everyone understands this, we can save the planet if environmental.

The more we exploit nature, the more our options are reduced, until we have problem one: There click specific ways of overcoming these terms to be done quickly.